I’ve been in the interactive space since 1994, an over 20 year veteran in e-commerce. Also, being the youngest CD at Grey I’ve been managing and leading teams since the 1990’s. I also feel as co-facilitator and coach for the #1 Fitness Team in the world (Team Glass – Charles Glass 2001-2015), I’ve acquired tons of transferable skills that allow to be a compassionate and effective leader, able to influence and motivate teams. I’m fortunate that in my career I’ve worked with some of the top brands in the world, from Louis Vuitton to Autobytel to Play Station 4.

My passion for UX is so colossal, I’ve been authoring a book for the past 2 years entitled “UX – Keep It Simple.” I’m constantly reading blogs, speaking at UX groups like JAX-UX and writing about UX. I’ve been invited to give a TED talk on UX and I’m currently working with one of their leaders on a UX project.

Not only will you get a great UX Director, but I’ve always been extremely hands-on. I understand the design and development process, and there’s nothing that my former teams did – that I could not complete, understand or create myself.

A lot of people assume that because I started my career as a Agency Creative Director and participated in the Metropolitan Museum Of Art Copyist program (11 years) gifting me the ability to copy any art, any photograph and any sculpture since age 12… that I prefer User Interface Design above User Experience Research and Development. However, that could not be further from the truth, experience has taught me that the true creative process starts during the discovery period, persona development, validation, research, ideation and prototyping. Therefore, I view UI as the icing on the cake, a reward for all the hard creative work that comes before it.

Another common misconception is that as a coach, mentor, and lead creative most of my career; that I might lack the ability to be an effective team leader as well as extremely collaborative. However, the beauty of UX is that in order to succeed it has to be a true collaborative effort. UX cannot exist or succeed any other way and I LOVE that about it. Unlike my years as a Creative Director where if push came to shove my team or I could complete deliverables on our own, UX can not work that way. Therefore, choosing the correct cross-functional team and being able to collaborate is crucial.

Critical thinking and analysis has been part of who I am since age 9 when I joined the Copyist Program at the MET. It requires extreme analytical skills to dissect a painting from Rembrandt and be able to reverse engineer its development. The last 10 years I’ve taken the time to educate myself on UCD, Empirical Research, and the top 20 UX methodologies.

Having a degree in Fashion and working with Gianni Versace as a teen might not appear to be relatable to UX. However, my over 20 years in high-end fashion as an illustrator, designer, and photographer developed in me a keen eye to simple lines, and high-end aesthetics that allowed not only the fashion industry to benefit from it, but financial companies looking for that beautiful simple look and those clean lines. My aesthetics was the main reason Merrill Lynch brought me on board to participate in their “Be Bullish” campaign in 1998, because they believed my designs would be more appealing to a younger and/or more sophisticated demographics.

I truly believe it will be hard to find a more passionate person for technology and design. Hence my ability to enter enterprises and elevate the equity of a brand by designing workshops that quickly assist teams to get on board and understand why the Pareto Principle is crucial and the dangers of JIC’s (Just in Case Items). Also, the ability to create triggers and engagement that will HOOK the end users and make some of my websites, designs and initiative a daily destination.

Finally, I have a great eye for finding talent. And I’m constantly humbled by some of the people I’ve hired and been fortunate enough to work with. My years developing pitches for Grey and many other agencies allows me to feel at ease in front of teams and audiences and be an effective story teller.

Your job description was exciting to read and I feel strongly I can be a good fit. I’m really looking forward to our continued dialog.

Dolph Colon DieuDonne